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Race Rules


  1. Normal race entry fees are $20 for first class, $15 for second, and $10 for third. Cash races will be an extra $5 for the money class ONLY…other classes will be normal fees. Trophy and other special events may have higher rates and will be posted ahead of time. Friday Night Races: If you miss the first round because of getting to the track late (but please call in before 5:30 and register to race), your entry fee will be reduced by $5 ($15-$10-$5).
  2. Race Rain Out Policy – If we do not complete the first round you will get a full refund of your race entry fees. If we complete at least (1) but not (2) rounds you will get a $5 dollar credit towards the next race entry fee. Credit must be used for the next race or it is forfeit. Credits are non-transferable.
  3. Friday nights: Registration closes at 6pm with racing starting at 6:30pm. We normally run 2 rounds qualifiers and 1 round of mains.
    Saturdays: Registration closes at 2:30pm with racing starting at 3pm. We normally run 3 rounds qualifiers and 1 round of mains.
  4. All drivers are encouraged to purchase their own racing transponders… however, there will be some available to rent out for $5 per race…valid photo ID is required to rent them.
  5. Drivers not using 2.4GHz radios may need to bring additional frequency crystals in the event there is a conflict in one of the heats.
  6. Please be courteous to other drivers by being prepared for your heat on-time, marshaling after your heat, and keeping radios off during heats (if you use crystals).
  7. Do not bring and/or consume alcohol at the track. Alcohol and any narcotics are strictly forbidden.
  8. Any racer acting aggressive or inappropriate toward others will be asked to leave. Foul language and profanity is not permitted at the track or in the hobby shop.
  9. The race director located in the race booth and/or owner of Pit Stop Hobbies reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding races and track rules.
  10. No Nitro start-ups at anytime…including practice sessions and in the parking lot
  11. Open practice is during shop hours. Please sign in at the shop before getting on the track. Call ahead to make sure the track is open.
  12. It’s OK to tell a marshal where your car/truck is if you wreck, but please DO NOT yell profanities or verbally abuse a marshal.
  13. All Qualifiers are 5 minutes long. Stock A-mains are always 7 minutes. Saturday Races: We will only run 10 min a mains if there is 10 or more cars in that class that night if there is less than 10 the A main will be 8 min. All lower mains will be 6 min. Friday Night Races: We will run 8 min a mains and 6 min lower mains. Race director reserves the right to change due to number of entries and heats per round.



  1. Any 1/10th scale RTR vehicle is allowed, 2WD or 4WD
  2. No 1/8th scale vehicles


The generally accepted ROAR rules apply


  1. Batteries – Any 6-Cell Nickel based or 2S LiPO (Hardcase LIPOS are strongly recommended) for 1/10th scale classes and 4S Lipo for 1/8th scale buggy
  2. Short Course Body – Any SCT style body (NO BAJA BUG bodies), excessive body cutting is not allowed, truck must retain fenders and front grille area. Holes for venting are allowed in windows and rear rollcage area.
  3. Tires/Wheels – NO 1/8 SCALE WHEELS/TIRES on 1/10th scale vehicles. Ribbed front tires are allowed.


  1. May used brushed RTR trucks, or ROAR Approved 17.5 brushless motors with NO ESC TIMING (aka “blinky mode”). Can timing on motors is allowed.

Here is the list of Roar Approved Motors:


Any 4WD 1/10 scale SCT

  1. No 1/8th scale conversions – only trucks marketed as 1/10 scale allowed


Only vehicles marketed as 1/8th scale Buggy are allowed.
The generally accepted ROAR rules apply.

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